Bulk Upload screen

Creates more than one user for AgilePoint NX.



How to Start

  1. Click Settings .
  2. Click Admin Settings .
  3. Click Bulk Upload tab.


Field Name Definition

Authentication Type

Specifies the authentication provider from which to add your users. The users must use the credentialss for this authentication provider to sign in to AgilePoint NX.
Accepted Values:
  • AgilePoint ID - Lets the new users login with AgilePoint ID.
  • User from Other Source - Lets the new users login with other sources such as Office 365, Google account, or Salesforce.
Default Value:
AgilePoint ID

Download Template

Downloads an Excel template file to enter more than one user's information to add.

Select File

Selects your Excel file with your user information.

Upload File

Uploads your Excel file with the user information to add the users.