Add Participants to a Start Task with eForms

To add participants to an eForm task that starts a process, do the procedure in this topic.

Video: Set Task Participants Dynamically

Video: Assign a Task to a Group or Role



Good to Know

How to Start

  1. On the Application Explorer screen, do one of these:
  2. Do one of these:
    • Add an activity:
      1. In the Process Builder, in the Activity Library, open the eForms eForms icon tab.
      2. On the eForms eForms icon tab, drag the Start Task (eForms) Start Task icon activity onto your process.
    • Change an activity:
      1. In your process, double-click your activity.
  3. On the configuration screen, click Participants Participants icon


  1. Select the participant for the task.

    By default for a Start Task, the Details field shows Process Initiator in the participants list. This means that the user who completes the form starts the process when he or she submits the form. This value is required for a Start Task, but you can add additional participants.

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